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Sunday 2, August, 1829

On this day all have relaxation from the toils of the past week. It seems to be a day of happiness, each one here repairs to the place where inclination directs. It is a day of pleasure to both old and young. The aged use it as a day of rest, and the youthful to enjoy the company of those they respect. But the Physician has not these privileges, even if it be his wish, because he is liable to be called any moment, In the forenoon I performed my circuit for the day and anticipated a few house of leisure which I wished to spend in writing a letter to my brother, but I had not been at home one hour before I was called to ride some distance and was soon called and told that Mrs. Conrad was much worse. She was one of my patients and friend to me and I should regret her death. So the world goes, full of perplexities, but were there no greater than this, life would be considered free from many of its thorns