Sunday, 9 August, 1829

Having disposed of the difficulties of the preceding day, new ones occur. A.D. Gage wishes to go to South Carolina and having failed in discharging his expense for board, now solicits me to become his security for more than one hundred dollars in order that he can get away. It is a thing I do not like to do. Yet my connection with him seems to lay me under obligations. These obligations arise from the fact that he came with me to this country and that I have been much attached to him and wish him well, and believe him to be honest. I believe perplexities occur to all in every circumstance of life. But when a friend comes to me and requests my assistance, it is not my duty to give that help if it be probable that I will hereafter have to suffer in consequence of it. But it then becomes an imperious duty for you to withhold that assistance, because your duty to yourself is the first of all duties.