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Wednesday, 26 August, 1829

I have, against my inclination, become responsible to Isaac Conrad for the sum of one hundred dollars for A.G. Gage. i ought not to have done it because he, with proper care, could have paid it himself. But having given way to illicit conduct with an old widow of abandoned character and had continued so long that he became confident in its safety and bold in its execution until the whole scene was observed in open daylight beneath the shade of lofty trees. This soon put an end to his remaining respectability and business and he left for South Carolina. You will here observe that vice will lead to misery and that although you may carry on contraband trade in secret and suppose that no suspicion is abroad, yet every eye is endeavoring to see your secret haunts and you frequently become less vigilant and at last exposed, abandoned by the wise and good, and the finger of scorn is pointed at you. I hope you will never be so inconsiderate as to attempt any course of the kind. But take an honest, honorable, and upright path and adhere to it in every stage of life. And if you go for pleasure, honesty will procure it. The pleasures of vice are momentary and those of virtue constant and never ending.