Monday, 31 August, 1829

But shall I complain and murmur and give way to causes of unhappiness? No! Bear up against misfortune and oppose the adverse current and make my situation as pleasant as possible. My companion is yet quite feeble and confined in bed. It gives my pleasure, notwithstanding, to administer to her necessities. Still hoping these unfavorable ideas will be removed. I have some reason to believe that my mother-in-law has assisted much in producting the melancholy difficulties and differences now existing, and rejoices to see it, as it affords an opportunity for "I told you that you would find difficulties, and you ought to suffer for not listening to a Mother." Such is the bitter consolation of a parent administering gall and wormwood. I believe it was never intended that man should taste, any length of time, happiness. Rich or poor feel its effects, and nothing can prevent it.