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Saturday, 28 June, 1828

I have nothing to offer of importance today. I have occupied in perusing my medical books and in them I find much satisfaction and delight. It occupies the mind on subjects of consequence in future life and is much more useful than harrowing up discontent from scenes that are past and brooding over misfortunes that may yet occur or may not occur. This is tormenting ourselves foolishly and is not the mark of wisdom. We should use our exertions to avoid unfavorable occurrences, but to be so anxious for fear they may occur as to make ourselves miserable is not proper. It is making every moment of existence destitute of enjoyment and this unpleasant state of mind at last affects the temper and we become morose and disagreeable to all around us. I would consequently advise you to cultivate a cheerful and agreeable disposition and not sour your temper by mourning over your situation and repining because it be not agreeable to your wish, but by your energies, endeavor to make it consonant to your views.