Thursday, 3 September, 1829

Time advances us onward toward the appointed period where all must vanish. The shades of life are various; one moment all is pleasant and the next dreadfull storms are gathering in the horizon. The chain breaks and all is suddenly enveloped in ruin. Apparent situations are not real. But this much I will declare from my present information that all the unhappiness which has occurred to us since married has been produced by others interfering unjustly in our domestic relations. Some sly insinuations, calculated to engender suspicion, would be used by those who envy peace in any form, in order to alienate our regard for the opinions of each. If ever such had been made to me, they would have met the treatmentthey deserve, but they were made to produce dissatisfaction in the mind of my wife. Some people cannot be contented to behold prosperity or happiness anywhere but to themselves.But such attempts should meet with no attention excpet with derision and scorn, not only the principle but the person attempting to do the injury. You will encounter many scenes of this kind in the course of life and I would advise you at once to leave the company and abandon the society of such. There had been considerable warm feeling exacted for a few days past between the stepmother and the female children of old Mr. C. Lash in reference to the death of W.A.Lash's wife, who died a few months ago. Some of them believe her sickness was caused by weaving and this was done at the stepmother's, and she, of course, would not be willing that such information, however correct, should obtain notoriety, sought the aid of one of the sisters to counteract the report, which produced many unpleasant hours to all, and called forth information of a private nature that had been concealed for years, and probably had been intended never to have been exposed. Scenes indeed that would cause a blush on the fair cheek of modest virtue. So you will find in the course of life; old things are not soon forgotten and learn from this hint to always act correctly and then, if any difficulties ever should arise between and former friends or relations, then can be no dishonorable charge made against your character or reputation. This will afford you much consolation in all difficulties.