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Sunday, 29 June, 1828

Once more the designated day appears, and all prepare to participate in the ease it permits. Here in this place I have observed that everyone, without exception, dress themselves in the best order circumstances permit and may exceed by far the indication of their property. And after thus decorated they meet in companies and enjoy themselves in jovial amusement until the church bell tells the time of preaching, to which they now all repair, both old and young, and seem to place great reliance on the saving effect of attending regular at church. It appears to me they place more reliance on this than on any other qualification, because as soon as meeting is over there appears no more godliness but trading, cheating if they have an opportunity; cursing and swearing does not appear to be considered of any immoral consequence. Such things appear to me not to be a part of the conduct of a Christian. I really view such proceedings and permissions as the reverse of those principles inculcated by the Christian Religion. And I have observed also that there is no taste for reading of any kind among the people of this place on this day. The light amusement of nonsense in their companies employs all the leisure they have from labor. There is more substantial pleasure in reading than any other amusement young people can receive.