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Monday, 21 September, 1829

Not willing to permit this first important inroad upon our happiness without that mild reproof which it seemed to require, with hope that it would have the effect of preventing a recurrence of similar unpleasant difficulties, I then stated in serious, candid, and manner the most mild, that all our happiness depended entirely on our mutual confidence and that if this was once destroyed, our respect and happiness was gone forever. That if differences in opinion did occur, we must endeavor to deny ourselves the expected pleasure, which must endure, while life last and that there was no real happiness to be found in any other path except that of duty. This is the only foundation of true happiness and whenever we disregard this we must expect corresponding consequences. Having thus reasoned the case, after the excitement had subsided, and time had elapsed sufficiently long for deliberate reflection, all was amicably adjusted for the present and a prospect of more peaceful days seemed favorable. Time will determine its durability.