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Thursday and Friday, 24 and 25 September, 1829

I shall now proceed to make a full statement of all the facts connected with my present feeling. I was, on the night of the twelfth of July last, called from my bed to see a Negro woman who had been in labor for sixteen hours, attended by a Negress midwife. I found things in an unpleasant situation. More I believe from the ungovernable conduct than from any other impropriety. I found, after a short stay, that unless the woman could be made to mind, the child would be dead in a very short time. Of this I acquainted the mistress (Mr. Transue was absent) and also told her unless she could be induced to conduct herself, I could have nothing to do with her at all, stating that the child would be born after awhile, but it would be dead. No means were taken to force obedience. I left and went home. About sunrise I was again requested to see her, as it was declared the woman could not live in her present situation. I went and soon succeeded in my design. In some few days thereafter, I was again asked to visit, as her situation was precarious. I went and tended on her for some time everyday, and had done everything that was required to be done. Transue now got offended at me because I did not subscribe to a school to be taught by B.C. Oppett. He now saw a way prepared to get satisfaction and declared to all and everywhere that his slave was getting worse everyday, declaring that I knew nothing about the complaint. He consulted the wife of C. Lash, a real dissembler on every subject, and a conspicuous detractor joined with several more not necessary to mention. It was concluded by his wife, who by the by, has never shunned a falsehood, if she wished to do an injury, to send for Doct. Shuman from Salem. He came and was told by some half dozen that no one had done anything to the woman but me, a declaration most wanton and unfounded and uncalled for, but by the real disposition he must possess for false declarations. It could not have originated from interest, because it could have producted no benefit to him in no possible manner. No, it was nothing but false malice, a deliberate intention to injure me. It was one of those acts that have their origin in sordid, selfish, low mind. It is real devil-like, doing evil for good. The report was immediately circulated far and near and was declared by Mrs. Transue, that Shuman had said in Salem that I had done an irreparable injury to Transue's slave by using cutting instruments. A more willful and barefaced falsehood was never told by human lips, because in the first place there was no necessity for instruments of any kind and, secondly, I had no kind of an instrument within the house. Now I ask, where is there a man having one item of a good principle warming his breast that could have fabricated such reports and all devoid of truth or evidence? None but the very dregs of the human family.