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Saturday, 26 September, 1829

I do not believe that Doctor Shuman ever made the declaration attributed to him. If he has, it can be accounted for on no ohter principle than self-interest. He might have imagined that I was increasing in reputation and would in a few years come in competition with his popularity and that now, backed by such a set of false newsbearers, he had a favorable opportunity of at once putting a stop to my career, in its infancy as it could be more easily done now than at any future period.

(Marginal note later penned: In 1836 I had conversation with Shuman and he said it was all false. E.H.W.)

There may be some little redeeming quality if the doctor had such ideas, but in the willful falsehoods of the others, there is none, because it was pure malice alone that induced them to such diabolical acts. Mrs. Transue, though aunt to my wife, was tenfold worse than he was. This is the first time I ever lived by a neighbor that would not speak when we met. Such things are very unpleasant. Now I will tell you my course. I listened to every report that came to my ears and said nothing against Transue or Shuman, but felt ready and willing to speak to him at any moment, resting assured that time would correct the whole affair, and in the end probably it would not be detrimental, or at least not to the extent desired. And as to the probability, it will do me more good than harm. And I think this much the best way to act in all similar cases. I have no doubt that if I should live here a few years, Solomon Transue will again be as good a friend to me as he wever was, and that he will again call on me for professional aid, though he swears he never will.