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Saturday, 24 October, 1829

It may be stated every day has its pains and pleasures, incomes and expenses, at least if everything else should stand stationary for one day, expense would continue. I find that it requires very close attention to this item in a man's life, or he will have to suspend payment. Indeed it does require great circumspection in a man to confine himself within the proper bounds, if his income which depends entirely on the proceeds of his own industry. It is the duty of every man to have a balance in his favor every evening; there should be no exceptions to this in health. If that balance be ever so small, it will amount to something and be an evidence and an excellent one, too, that he is solvent and that there is no dread of the cast of officers hanging over him; no fear of the jails; and it has another advantage of no small value, and that is it produces peace of mind, contentment that few of the affluent feel. It also acts as a wholesome stimulent for further and greater efforts to increase that income; it teaches to be very circumspect in purchasing, that you get only what real necessity requires. By strictly attending to these indications and a continued application of them in youth and middle age, you will be able, in the latter period of life, to live comfortable and contented without labor and have a beautiful scene of retrospection that your past days have been properly spent in honest industry and that you are enjoying the fruits and rewards of time used as it should be in labor and economy.