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Saturday, 31 October, 1829

I have been much astonished at the small amount of creative genius some people possess and at the same time pretending to be mechanics. I left home this morning and gave a Mr. Holder directions in relation to removing and readjusting a flight of stairs. I came home about four o'clock and found the stairs in the same place as when I left home this morning. I inquired the cause and he gave the best of reasons and that was he did not know how to get them out of the place and he did not think it could be done. I was surprised and told him I could remove them safely in one hour without the least help and I went to work and he stood and looked at me and in three-fourths of the time I had them from the place. You will find perplexities of this kind frequently occur in the course of life, and you will find it much better to act so as not to injure by abruptness the feelings of the individual, unless the failure originates from indolence and then the sooner you are free from such an indiviudal the better.