Sunday, 27 December, 1829

Morning foggy, dark and unpleasant, yet the fate of a Physician is such that he must go when called or get no employ. Left home soon as I had received a message the night before. Roads very muddy; consequently, rode very slow with my mind absorbed on various subjects. My mind is much occupied on my family whose welface I desire. The situation of my father and family would often present itself to me in an unpleasant light, as I had just received a letter stating that father was unable to labor and that my brother Daniel had left home. And father had requested me to help him. Most willingly would I do it if I was able, and as it is I feel bound to afford comfort to a parent in preference to myself. There can be no duty more on a child than which they are under to parents, and none should be more promptly and cheerfully complied with.

It is singular what artifices people will resort to in order to show their dislike. It is much more honorable and becoming to speak boldly and fearlessly than be obstinacy or deceit. Last evening, Mrs. Conrad was here and went home in the evening. When she entered the house, she found his clothes in their usual place, but could not find him in no portion of the house, nor make him answer her repeated calling, when all at once he appeared standing in the door, which gave her a severe shock. And all was done to show his dislike of her groing from home. Now in quite young children this would be pardonable, yet it should be allowed in a family. But in an old man, so to act to any, much less to his companion, shows a mind free from reflection.