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Thursday, 28 January, 1830

Why is this dark and gloomy spot of the immensity of God's work selected for an habitation, and we know not the state preceding this? Again, if we say the soul of every human being is formed or made at the time and with our mortal bodies, the question arises from what material are they formed? If the answer from God, we fall into the same difficulty as before. And if we say matter, we go into materialism at once; so we can say we know nothing about it. The reflection that we shall live again and have identity is a pleasing thought and divests the gloomy hour of death of many horrors. It is a pleasant anticipation and among the ignorant may have its advantages. But for myself, I believe that we all live after we die. But why the next state of existence should be free from all trouble or be filled with more pain and sorrow than the present, I am unable to see.