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Friday and Saturday, 19 and 20 March, 1830

Today visited one of the most lazy men society is troubled with. He is absolutely too lazy to be comfortable. Yet he gets through the world somehow. He is particularly gifted in telling a plausible tale, and will in this disappoint the same man several times. By his calculations he will have money enough to pay his debts in a few weeks. He will say, I owe so much and so much, and that is every cent I do owe. And I have a job of work on hand which I shall finish in about four weeks and that will pay every debt I owe. At the same time he owes more than he can pay in two years at one dollar per day. But he will relate all his circumstances with so much candor and seeming truth that if you know it to be incorrect, you can scarcely discount him. Such men are good customers, but very unprofitable ones, and if you can keep clear from them, it will be the better way to do so.