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Thursday, 15 April, 1830

The morning is beautiful and pleasant and I have experienced the sad effect of careless inattention, and it has taught me a good lesson, if it did produce pain. You much never think there is no danger when you do not see it and always be prepared in time of apparent security for times of danger. I was so accustomed to the animal I rode today, as I have rode her nearly six thousant miles, that I anticipated no accident. Having received an interesting paper just from the office as I left homme, I was engaged in reading as I was riding, which has been my custom for some time. I had rode for several miles with the bridle carelessly hanging on the horse's neck, entirely disengaged from my hands. In this  agreeable and unsuspecting moment my horse, all of a sudden, sprang forward from a fright which threw me off balance and to the ground, and was for some moments I could not move. Now had i have had the bridle in my hand I could have recovered and sustained myself in the saddle, but in this neglect consists the unjustifiable carelessness.