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Sunday, 20 July, 1828

Ever peaceful and blessed day set apart from all others as a day of rest and heavenly reflection, and for such improvement thy freedom from cares well prepare thee. I was called on to see one Scott who had an attack of Apoplexy. They had been for Doct. Shuman several times but could not get him, and were forced to call on me. I accordingly went, and found him senseless, and applied such means as the case required. But such a woman I never before saw. Turbulent as the ocean in a severe storm, yet nothing about her appeared malignant, but rough and boisterous, no feminine character about her appearance or conversation. I am much disgusted at such unbecoming conduct of ladies. The man that came after me, I am sure is a real villain; he is a brother to the victim. He made many inquiries about substances that could be put in weak spirits in order to have them good proof, etc., etc. Have nothing to do with such men. Leave them at once.