Today have experienced the result of a too precipitate judgement and a want of sufficient confidence in my own abilities. And from this same cause, I have seen much anxiety and trouble. A.D. Gage came here today from South Carolina. He wanted assistance to help out of extravagance and want of economy. He has sold his horse for ninety dollars, which cost him three hundred. When he left here for the South in high expectations, he dressed himself as though he was wealthy and had an independent fortune. He now comes here to me to ask for my labor to support such pretensions. He wishes to return back and settle his affairs in South Carolina and then return here or to this State. The laws of South Carolina are very rigid in relation to a physician and Gage, not having a diploma, was likely to prosecution. So he is forced to leave that country. You will here reflect that whatever business you may choose for a livelihood, a perfect knowledge of it is absolutely requisite that you may be prepared to follow it in any place and mind also that you get all the necessary evidences of your having been qualified to preform what you profess. Thus you will avoid many difficulties and humiliations in the course of life.