Thursday, 24 July, 1828

Morning again called to action. Visited an elderly lady about eight miles from this place who as she said was bewitched. (Consumption was the complaint.) This being the first time I was ever called to drive witches away, I hardly knew how to paw it over, but concluded it would be better way to let her enjoy the idea and believe that I coincided in her belief. All at once she said, don't you see that old Negro man peeping through the crack? It is him that has brought me to this. Oh, Doctor, do give me something that will kill him or keep him from my house. Give me some trick quick or he will have hold of me. Yes, madam, in a few moments if you can keep him away I will give you some Medicine that will calm your fears at least for a while. How long is agoing to take a Doctor to have his means prepared? I could have made enough in this time myself and you to take. Oh, Lord, I am afraid of it; is it had to take? You will please swallow it and then you will be a better judge of the taste. Won't it hurt me? I'm very much afraid of Doctor stuff. I can't swallow. Well, Madam, you can act as you like, in that respect. I shall leave it. Do you know what will cure the dropsy? I do, and I will give you a recipe sometime for it. Madam, I must bid you good-by. Oh, Doctor, you must not go yet. I shall die soon. Oh, that Negro will kill me. Every night he is here. Will this medicine keep him away? Most certainly. I will take it. Farewell.