Sunday, 27 June, 1830

The cause which led to the observations of the 25th and 26th inst. is in consequence of my own disregard on the former of these days, of disobeying these wholesome notes which I have endeavored to impress on your mind, and which I hope you may never disregard. On the twenty-fifth I purchased a clock and gave for it fifty dollars. Now this I could have done without, just as well as to have it. It affords me no comfort, it administers to none of my real wants nor adds to my interest. And had my own feelings been consulted, I should not have purchased it. A man in my situation, poor and entirely dependent, having no income but the proceeds of his own labor, and just commencing in the world, had better save his earnings for other and better purposes. But men fancy unconnected with utility creates more expense than all our real wants combined and in many cases forever keeps us from accumulating those necessaries requisite for sickness and old age which should be the constant and steady aim of all.