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Monday through Thursday, 11 through 14 July, 1830

My own views on this subject may differ from many people and time alone can decide on their correctness, and I shall be glad to find them unsustained by experience. This bank will apply for a recharter and if that be not granted it will enter the field against the administration that may be in power at the time. It will exert its vast influence to control the people at the elections. It will create panic and pressure in every part of the community as it can easily do, since its numerous branches are situated in almost every State. And such is the nature of these corporations that they can bring distress to the fireside of almost every individual and thus control the actions of men in the exercise of their suffrage.

Institutions of this nature should never be permitted to exist in a free government because they are they very principle of aristocracy and they cannot remain here long under our present form of government. They or our political system must be changed. I have every reason to believe from the avaricious disposition of some of my neighbors, now pretending to be democrats, if they question of money enters the arena of politics will be seen hovering under the Rag Money Banner, because they care for nothing but property and if they can obtain property they care not how many or how they may suffer. They have no feeling, no sympathy, but filled with selfish avarice, and no act however low will be deemed too mean, provided it be kept from notoriety and the end holds out a prospect of gain. Such men connected with the banks will be dangerous to the liberties of this country, if indeed the combined power of banks and their partisans so not overthrow it entirely. I hope you may always be on the side of popular rights and oppose any encroachment that may be attempted to abridge the popular voice.