Friday through Sunday, 15 through 17 July, 1830

I have been engaged every day during this month. Have visited many patients afflicted with the fever. Have been gone much in the night. Merely had time to write a few lines on the subject of my thoughts of the fourth instant. I leave them for time to unfold. Many of the hints therein contained feelings satisfied in my own mind that the chartering of companies of any kind is calculated to abridge the time we are to enjoy our free government, and this banking affair so ramifies itself into every state and situation of life, starting on no foundation, sending forth that which has no value, and regulating the products of labor just as they please. Having the power to cause every species of property to fall and then possessing the ability to monopolize the whole market; creates a rise of prices and sells. Thus in every way and in every department of industry are the interests of the many made completely tributary to the few. And when this privilege is attempted to be taken from them they will use their whole influence to retain it, regardless fo the means used for that purpose. There will then be seen the true aristocracy of this country joining with and defending the banks in every case, however much they may violate the spirit of our government. And the results, should they succeed, will be to perpetuate on us a national bank and the freedom of the popular will be at an end. There will be, as there was before, no regard for the constitution. And if that instrument, the most pure and patriotic that ever emanated from the minds of mortal man, can be violated with impunity in any one point, so it may be in all. And our whole legislative power will emanate from the president and directors of this institution. And not only the legislature but every department must be framed according to the interest of the stockholders. It will be an insult to say we are a free people. It will be a gross violation of the meaning of the words for a man to say, we are enjoying liberty.