Morning has arrived. I cannot forget the base idea of the old man yesterday. Do people suppose they have a greater privilege to impugn the motives of Physicians than those of other occupations? But such is the weakness and silliness of an ignorant man, and I do not hesitate to say that the individual who imputed these motives to my face yesterday is a dishonest man. We must resent these insults in a mild way or we shall gain enemies. Day occupied in reading and evening Gage and I took a walk and reverted back to the pleasures of New York, and he related to me his ideas of Miss H. as he had been boarding there. This was not agreeable to me, though there was nothing immoral insinuated. Trifles sometimes discompose the mind if they tough a sensitive place, but Gage never discovered my feeling. And this should always be the case. Never suffer yourself to be so affected at light occurrences as to be observed by others. Confine all in your own bosom.