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Friday, 14 November, 1828

I was snugly adjusted in bed last night and listening to the wind and rain, when I was called to visit a patient about four miles from town. I was rather severe, yet my duty required me to attend to the calls of distress, and I was soon in readiness and on the road; the wind blowing strong in my face, attended with rain and snow. But notwithstanding the disagreeable weather, i felt much more comfortable than I should had I refused to attend, and this very man had during the summer endeavored to do me all the injury he could. Yet I could not feel justified in refusing on that account. Time will rectify all things. However, my mind was not in a situation for sociability though my conductor through the dark and rain was full of chat. Other thoughts were too importunate in my mind to be interested by subjects so foreign to my present feelings. Here I observed what I have often noticed that people will come after me in the night and consider I must go, and after I have arrived would solicit me very strongly to stay until morning, and to show how much they regard my feelings and how solicitous for my health, will say, it is too bad to ride home tonight. You will kill yourself if you do not quit riding so much in the night. It will make you sick, etc., etc. But when they want me to come and see them, they think it will not hurt me even if I am unwell at their object is attained but little do they care for the balance; but this, when carried too far, is unjust and should not be practiced.