The morning is clear, serene, and pleasant and numbers the last day of June. It will be seen by the preceding pages that I have been in a most unpleasant state of mind, that my thoughts have been various, and perplexed ideas have constantly wrought on my feelings. I have also gained a little in business and ever the small quantity of that increase makes me feel grateful, and truly thankful to the Great Disposer of all events, and to whose benevolence I am indebted for every enjoyment and on whose power my life is sustained.

I was requested to visit a man today in the last stage of that fell disease, consumption. He was once a resident of this town and a wicked man; had been a colonel of the troops stationed in Norfolk in the last war with England. Several from this place went out with me merely for curiosity to hear what I would say and see how I should act, but this gave me no uneasiness or apprehension. We soon arrived at the destined place. I soon saw that my art and skill could not arrest the slow march of his complaint. I frankly related to him my views of the disease and told him all that I could do would merely to palliate his suffering. He bore this intelligence with fortitude and wished me to prescribe and give him some relief if it was possible. I stayed some time with him and returned to town alone, as my company could not wait. I was satisfied. I had discharged my duty. Consequently, I returned in peace.