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Thursday, 19 November, 1829

And if she then would conduct with the greatest propriety, she could yet get a good respectable home as long as she continued industrious and would forsake the haunts of vice and folly and endeavor to live by the most exemplary deportment, the stain which by imprudence she had brought on her own reputation, which she must be sensible had produced her present degradation and was the cause of her friendless situation. My feelings were much hurt as I saw the deep distress of her once delicate mind; indeed, it touched the briny fountain and the tears fell fast on the almost lifeless infant in her arms. Who could have viewed such anguish without emotion; indeed, I almost repented of the steps I had taken. Now I will leave the unahppy sufferer and hope that all females will shun her example, as such will be the inevitable result of such conduct. The road that leads to virtue, industry, is the only source of happiness and respectability. Vice should be viewed as a monster, ready at any moment to devour the unfortunate victim who may be so imprudent as to trust to his direction, and no antidote will heal the wound thus inflicted and too often when once yielded to, all law of honor is abandoned, and vice gains the whole control. I hope this may never be the fate of any of my offsprings, be they male or female. Let virtue ever shine in your minds and be your guard in darkendss, and you will avoid the consequences above described.