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Thursday and Friday, 24 and 25 June, 1830

I have been cautioning you almost in every page against extravagance of every kind and have endeavored to dissuade you from purchasing anything that necessity or utility did not demand, or in other words, that you should never buy a thing that you could do without unless your income far exceed your expenditure. And indeed I still recommend such a course as the best, most sure and safe, producing more satisfaction when the fancy of youth has fled and older years afford opportunity and time for viewing things as they really are.  Experience changes ideas materially in relation to these notions of mere desire.  It is frequently said by young people, they wish to see pleasure now while they are young because when they get old, they seem to imagine there is no happiness, no pleasure to be enjoyed, or none desired. This certainly is an erroneous idea, one too that is fraught with deleterious consequence, inducing the youthful to indulge too much in what they may now imagine pleasurable to the neglect of those acquisition which are really essential to constitute happiness, having belied the false idea that there can be no pleasure in old age. I will readily admit if youth be squandered away in endeavoring to catch those momentary sallies of mirth, spending all their energy of mind to gain that which will yield no substantial fruit, but is vanished as soon as tasted, then age must be miserable. Now is the time to prepare for age, for happiness and the very idea, the thought should be our greatest pleasure that we now in our active days were preparing for ease and plenty in the decline of life. Indeed I believe that there is no pleasure to the youthful but this. They may say they see so much pleasure in such and such scenes, yet that very pleasure in a short time gives them pain and makes them unhappy.