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Sunday, 25 May, 1828

Guilford County, North Carolina

Still improving. Morning very pleasant and agreeably warm. but what are my feelings, do they mount on Ariel wings and soar away in raptures of gratitude to Him who holds in His hand the destinies of the whole world; do I feel that humble awareness for the many blessings bestowed on me, which should fill the mind of every creature of intelligence; do I bow in humble submissive to His will. But one thing I cannot agree with many in believing, and that is in relation to the Sabbath and attending meetings. i feel myself under no compulsion to refrain from traveling on this day. I, for one, believe that doing anything which necessity requires in not committing a crime, but to neglect doing it and loss occurs from such negligence in any shape is a sin. And the same is the case in relation to so much time being spent in going to meeting to the neglect of other important business absolutely necessary for the comfort of many a poor family. I believe that ma man may be just as good and his meditation just as acceptable to God in his own house or riding along the road as he can at church. On this point and several others connected with Religion, Tyler and I had a lengthy argument today in the Captain's porch. He vindicated in the strongest terms the Calvanistic doctrine of everlasting punishment after death; and I the reverse that all punishment was confined to this life where the crimes are committed. We parted as we commenced in relation to conviction, and I expect were all who had the patience to listen. Tyler talked just for the pleasure of talking, not believing fully the doctrine vindicated, and I from a firm belief.