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Wednesday, 25 June, 1828

The golden moments of life are wheeled away swiftly and we frequently see, when gone, they were not usefully employed and in vain wish for a return. And even the time consumed in these wishes is again equally useless. So that when we commit one error it often produces another. It is the same with telling falsehoods, tattling, etc. It requires several to make, or endeavor to make, one good or appear plausible. For good they can never be made. Then you will please remember the best and most correct way is never to spend time so that you wish its return because it was not employed to better objects. And in speaking, the truth in its purity unencumbered by the ambiguity. And the tongue was never formed for so diabolical a purpose as tattling; therefore, never be found guilty of so base a charge. I have used the day in reading and been often molested by the senseless chat of S. Stolts. I should be pleased if he could see himself as I see him, I should have no further trouble with him. But such annoyances we must without an audible murmur endure. They are frequent and not far between through life. They too have their advantages as well as disadvantages. They instruct us at least to endeavor to make ourselves agreeable, which in society of respectability is of no small consequence.